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After several weeks of design, development, prototyping, and playtesting, we saw amazing student projects from all over the world! Thank you to all who participated!

经过数周的设计,开发,原型制作和游戏测试,我们看到了来自世界各地的精彩学生项目! 谢谢所有参加的人!

In November, we challenged student creators to come together and show the world what you could do. The development and growth of the projects in this competition really proved that anything is possible. Every week brought excitement as more and more students joined the competition and works in progress were shared by everyone. The judges were equally impressed with all the projects, saying that the submissions to this challenge were much harder to judge than other competitions they’ve judged!

11月,我们向学生创作者发起挑战,让他们走到一起,向世界展示您可以做什么。 这项比赛中项目的发展和壮大确实证明了一切皆有可能。 每周都有越来越多的学生参加比赛,每个人都在分享正在进行的作品,这令人兴奋。 评委们对所有项目都同样印象深刻,他们说,与他们所评判的其他比赛相比,对这项挑战的提交书很难评判!

As the competition has come to a close, everyone should recognize they are winners in their own way. The true value of challenges is how far you can push yourself and what you discover along the way. While we tasked you with teaching people something new, we hope that this journey enabled you to learn something new for yourself.

随着比赛的结束,每个人都应该以自己的方式认识到自己是赢家。 挑战的真正价值在于您可以推动自己走多远,以及在此过程中发现什么。 当我们要求您教给别人一些新的东西时,我们希望这段旅程使您能够自己学习一些新东西。

On to the projects that impressed us the most!


社区的选择 (Community’s Choice)

恐龙博物馆VR (Dinosaur Museum VR)


“A fun perspective on understanding the size of dinosaurs – loved the creativity of the underwater viewing area!” – Ashley Alicea, Unity Evangelist

“从有趣的角度了解恐龙的大小–喜欢水下观赏区的创造力!” – Unity布道士Ashley Alicea

Definitely deserving of the crowd favorite, Dinosaur Museum brought together some really great aspects of VR as a whole, enabling people to interact with dinosaurs in a virtual space. The Brontosaurus, velociraptors, and a myriad of other creatures roam the museums, allowing the player to experience them in real time.

绝对值得大众喜爱的恐龙博物馆将VR的某些真正重要方面融为一体,使人们可以在虚拟空间中与恐龙互动。 雷龙,迅猛龙和无数其他生物在博物馆中漫游,使玩家可以实时体验它们。

Watching the progress of Dinosaur Museum from its inception was a real joy to watch. From the inspiration to the modeling of the museum to the incorporation of VR and dinosaur models, every week there was a new update, which always made it interesting to see what came next.

观看恐龙博物馆从成立之日起的进展真是值得一看。 从博物馆的灵感到建模,再到VR和恐龙模型的融合,每周都有一个新的更新,这总是使接下来的事情很有趣。

最佳整体 (Best Overall)



“Gorgeous presentation and excellent interface. The backgrounds and audio are beautiful. I can see this as a commercial product.” – MoJen Jenkins, Founder of The Noisemakers

“华丽的演示和出色的界面。 背景和音频都很漂亮。 我可以将其视为商业产品。” The Noisemakers创始人MoJen Jenkins

This project really made an impact across all the submissions – it made great use of a simple concept to build upon and brought everything together to create a complete experience that looks great.


Using various features like Cinemachine and post processing to create great environmental effects really pulls you into the experience. The high definition really captures reflections from the environment and the pottery itself. In addition, it really helped to visualize the act of creating pottery, even highlighting the history that inspired it.

使用Cinemachine和后期处理等各种功能来创建出色的环境效果,确实可以将您带入体验。 高清晰度确实捕获了环境和陶器本身的反射。 此外,它确实有助于形象化制作陶器的行为,甚至突出了启发陶器的历史。

荣誉奖 (Honorable Mentions)

没完没了 (NeverEnding)

“I love that the game mechanics instantiate the learning objectives. Well done!” – Jennifer Javornik, Vice President of Sales at Filament Games

“我喜欢游戏机制可以实例化学习目标。 做得好!” – Filament Games销售副总裁 Jennifer Javornik

This project leveraged the different features of Unity to help make this an immersive interactive story that showcases a well-planned narrative of environmental issues. Stemming from real issues around the world, Never-ending set out to have the player take action, highlighting the ways that we can protect the environment. Using their abilities as artists, in addition to internal tools and external assets, they created environments with high visual quality to help players imagine the circumstances of the character.

该项目利用Unity的不同功能,使它成为一个身临其境的互动故事,展示了精心策划的环境问题叙事。 从世界各地的实际问题出发,永无止境开始让玩家采取行动,突出了我们保护环境的方式。 除了内部工具和外部资产外,他们还利用艺术家的能力创造了具有高视觉质量的环境,以帮助玩家想象角色的境遇。

下沉或游泳 (Sink or Swim)

“This is a great innovative approach to a classic problem.” – Aurore Dimoupoulos, Unity Content Team Producer

“这是解决经典问题的绝佳创新方法。” Unity内容团队制作人Aurore Dimoupoulos

This game definitely brought a different take on the challenges of language learning but really enabled the concept of “Practice makes Perfect.” By leveraging features from IBM Watson, the team wanted to immerse the player in a world where they have to practice and learn from characters that really interact with them. Learning a language definitely requires practice and reinforcement, and by creating an experience that really lets you speak, players are better able to make progress.

这款游戏无疑给语言学习带来了不同的挑战,但确实实现了“实践使完美”的概念。 通过利用IBM Watson的功能,团队希望将玩家沉浸在一个他们必须练习并向与他们真正互动的角色学习的世界中。 学习语言肯定需要练习和加强,通过创造一种真正可以让您说话的体验,玩家可以更好地取得进步。

重生VR (Re-Genesis VR)

“I’m blown away by the fantastic execution and clear vision for this experience!” – Ashley Alicea, Unity Evangelist

“我被这种出色的执行力和清晰的愿景所震撼!” – Unity布道士Ashley Alicea

The interactivity of creating DNA sequences really helps to conceptualize how the process works. The presentation of the entire environment as well as the use of leap motions for controls really helped make this project shine! The research behind the project lends itself well to players being able to interact with sequences and learning how to construct strands through puzzles.

创建DNA序列的相互作用确实有助于概念化该过程的工作原理。 整个环境的演示以及控件的跳跃动作的使用确实使该项目大放异彩! 该项目背后的研究非常适合玩家与序列互动并学习如何通过拼图构建链。



And these are just a handful of the amazing projects that students made with Unity! As a small shout out, show support for the student team behind The Voice Inside – now going live on Steam following the challenge! It’s amazing to see that people are already starting to take their projects to greater heights! Check out all the projects on the Global Student Challenge page on Connect and leave feedback for the teams, and see all the challenges we’re running!

这些只是学生使用Unity进行的一些了不起的项目! 作为一个小小的呼喊,向The Voice Inside背后的学生团队表示支持-挑战之后现在可以在Steam上直播! 令人惊奇的是,人们已经开始将他们的项目推向更高的高度! 在Connect上的“全球学生挑战”页面上查看所有项目,并为团队留下反馈,并查看我们所面临的所有挑战!

If you’re interested in more upcoming challenges, check out The Rookies, where we’ll be supporting creators of digital arts and media from all over the world!

如果您对即将到来的挑战感兴趣,请访问The Rookies ,我们将在这里为来自世界各地的数字艺术和媒体创作者提供支持!

翻译自: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2019/03/07/announcing-the-unity-global-student-challenge-winners/




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